Shawn Raboutou

I just want to climb hard.

About >

Shawn grew up in Boulder, Colorado, son of Robyn and Didier Raboutou and brother to Brooke Raboutou. Being born into the most prolific climbing family of all time, he began climbing at two years old and has been redefining the sport since. Shawn is an internationally renowned climber, constantly pushing the limits of what is possible. With countless first ascents from V13-V17 across multiple continents, Shawn has already amassed a hall of fame resume at just 25 years old, and he’s just getting started.

In addition to his insatiable desire to raise the bar in climbing, Shawn has elevated climbing media to a new level as well, as the founder and owner of Mellow Climbing, the most popular media platform in climbing today.

Interests >

Climbing, Skateboarding, Skiing, Snowboard, Surfing, Entrepreneurship

Status >

Climbing and Filming all over the world

Sport >

Bouldering, Sport Climbing

Highlights >

  • 1st athlete in the world to climb two V17’s
  • Founded Mellow Climbing - 2018
  • FA Alphane V17 - Chironico, Switzerland 2022
  • FA Megatron V17 - Eldorado, Colorado 2022
  • FA of Off the Wagon V16 - Switzerland
  • FA of Big Z V16 - California
  • FA of Story of 3 Worlds V16 - Switzerland
  • FA of Fuck the System V16 - Switzerland
  • 3rd ascent of Livin Large V16 - South Africa
  • 2nd ascent of Insomniac V16 - Colorado
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon V16 - RMNP
  • FA of Buddha 5.14d/9a - Switzerland

Partners >

The North Face, Scarpa

Media >