About Us

Reppa is in the business of people we believe in. Through empowering partnerships, rewarding projects, and collaborative management, we help our clients achieve their dreams.

We help clients navigate the business side of their careers, bringing a relationship-led approach alongside extensive industry experience and sound judgement. This gives our clients the space to focus on achieving their goals... and then dreaming even bigger.
We're a team
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Our Values

We’re proud to be a values-driven organization which puts people and relationships first. We’re committed to open and honest communication; integrity in our decisions and dealings with others; promoting diversity and positive change in the world; and supporting all our clients to reach their full potential.

Our Story

Founded by Christine Reppa, we are dedicated to representing talent as a whole person. We place an emphasis on personal stories, passions and philanthropy, as well as professional successes.

As a woman at the crossroads of two male-dominated industries—sports and talent management— our founder Christine has embraced a non-traditional, relationship-centered approach to representing her clients, and thrived because of it.

Reppa’s first client was five-time Olympic gold medalist Dana Vollmer. The epitome of strength, passion, and achievement, Dana represented what Reppa was destined to become: a home for dedicated, extraordinary individuals from across the world of sports and beyond.

Focused on the spirit behind the sport, we now represent a roster of decorated athletes from across the sporting world, as well as ground-breaking creatives and world-class brand partners.

Our People

Dave Burleson is the newest agent on our team. He brings 15 years of experience in the outdoor industry, an infinite pool of energy and excitement, and an unwavering commitment to integrity in everything he does. Dave has worked with the who’s who of mountain sports, most recently managing the legendary athlete team at The North Face.

With a keen interest in digital content, specifically filmmaking and photography, Dave has a creative eye and an attention to detail that will leave an indelible mark on the world of mountain sports through our athletes and creatives.