Jackson Marvell

Climbing to me is all about the adventure. Who doesn't dream about wandering the desert, or standing on top of a snowy summit in a far away place.

About >

Jackson’s infatuation with climbing began when he was young. On family vacations to Zion National Park, he spotted climbers high up on the towering walls. This intrigue of attempting big wall, multi-pitch climbing became a reality when Jackson was 15 and convinced a coworker to take him along on one of her climbs.

Since then, Jackson has grown his list of accomplishments well beyond what one might expect for his young age. His blue collar roots are the foundation of his diligent work ethic that pushes him to approach the worlds' most daunting mountain faces time and time again. He’s climbed many first ascents and established new routes in Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Peru, Utah and Alaska, just to name a few locations. He’s humble and relaxed, but make no mistake, he’s hungry and has plans for so much more.

Interests >

Climbing, Welding, Construction, Skiing, Snowmobiling, Mountain Biking

Status >

Formulating and executing expeditions in the most intense mountain environments around the world

Sport >

Climbing - Alpinism

Highlights >

  • 100 Desert Tower ascents before age 21
  • FA Ruth Gorge Grinder Alaska (AI6+ M7)
  • Infinite Spur, Mt. Foraker Alaska 65 hours camp to camp
  • Techno Terror Pyramid Peak Alaska (AI6 M7+ A0)
  • Slovak Direct, Mt. Denali 21.5 Hours schrund to summit

Partners >

The North Face, Black Diamond, Scarpa, Decked

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