Hannah Roberts

I told myself from a young age that if I was going to ride my bike, I needed to do it the best way I could.

About >

Hannah Roberts is a trailblazer in women’s freestyle BMX. At just 22 years old, Hannah has already amassed 5 World Championship titles and the Olympic silver medal in Tokyo in 2021. With a stacked resume of world’s firsts, Hannah is at the forefront of the sport, raising the bar at every competition.

With a goal of competing in 4 more Olympics, Hannah is one of the most focused athletes the sport has ever seen. Day in and day out, she is in the gym and riding her coach’s home BMX park. She is already the most decorated woman in freestyle BMX history, and just getting started. 

Hannah’s constant focus on bringing new tricks to every competition has elevated the entire field to new levels over the past 5 years. We can only imagine the things we will get to see develop as she continues to write her name into the history books.

Interests >

BMX, Painting, Reading, Legos, Woodworking

Status >

Training for World Cups, The OQS, and Paris

Sport >

Freestyle BMX

Highlights >

  • Tokyo Olympics - Silver Medal 2021
  • Scotland World Champs - Gold Medal 2023
  • UAE World Champs - Gold 2022
  • France World Champs - Gold 2021
  • China World Champs - Gold 2019
  • China World Champs - Bronze 2018
  • China World Champs - Gold 2017

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Hyper, Guild

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