Caite Zeliff

I love a challenge and love overcoming a challenge even more. I think that is why I am where I am at today. Any time someone says I can’t, I immediately want to show them I can.

About >

Caite Zeliff was born and raised in North Conway, NH a small ski town nestled in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Surrounded by a community that eats, sleeps, and breathes ski culture it was just a matter of time before she discovered her love for skiing. Caite found her way into a local race program which fed her competitive nature as well as satisfied a love for speed and pushing boundaries. Caite raced at FIS and Nor Am levels, skiing internationally with the US Ski Team for a year before securing her spot on the University of New Hampshire Ski Team. She skied Division 1 at UNH before realizing she was craving something more than slapping plastic and studying business.

Caite’s sense of adventure and curiosity about bigger mountains inspired her move west. It wasn’t long before Caite fell in love with the freedom and creative expression that freeskiing allowed. She competed on the Freeride World Qualifying circuit before finding her stride as a Big Mountain Skier. Caite’s breakthrough moment took place during the legendary King and Queen of Corbets competition where she took the title of Queen of Corbets back to back in 2018 and 2019. This title brought attention to Caite’s hard charging race style mixed with big air and surfey flow. Caite feels that she has found her home in the ski world starring in films such as Warren Millers ‘Timeless’ and Teton Gravity Research's film ‘Make Believe’. She loves the combination of athletics and creativity that skiing in films provides and she looks forward to continuing to push the sport of big mountain skiing while telling the stories of her travels and picking up new adrenaline-filled sports like paragliding along the way.

Interests >

Chasing Big Air, Any Outdoor Activity, Live Music, Health, Spirituality, Travel

Status >

Filming for numerous big mountain ski projects, including TGR productions, and advancing her skiing and paragliding skill sets

Sport >

Big Mountain Skiing

Highlights >

  • Matchstick Productions' 'Anywhere from Here' 2022
  • Teton Gravity Research's 'Stoke the Fire’ 2021
  • Teton Gravity Research's 'Make Believe’ 2020
  • Warren Miller's 'Timeless' 2019
  • 2x back to back wins of King and Queens of Corbets

Partners >

The North Face, Blizzard Ski, 10 Barrel Brewing, SCOTT, TradingView, OpenSnow, Hyperlite

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